• Everything is forgotten Pål Nilsen Virik let the entire 2014 season behind him already before going home to Norway after retired race ending in XCAT XC  this weekend in Dubai. Now he look forward to new opportunities already in February next year.
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  • Drivers fitness

    Oct 201427
    Drivers fitness Here you can see a movie how Norwegian XCAT powerboat racing driver Pal Virik Nilsen prepare his body to cope with the brutal forces it is driving formula boats or offshore giants. Pal uses quite funny activities in his training regime.
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  • Pal joins UIM Athletes Committee Xcat powerboat racing driver Pal Virik Nilsen joins UIM Athletes Committee. The first meeting will take place at Ibiza 24-25 october. Six drivers from each gategory of the sport joins the voted group, Offshore, Circuit and Aquabike. The main work for the commitee is to give advice to the Council,...
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  • Oslo Motor Show

    Oct 201409
    Oslo Motor Show Pal Virik Nilsen is the weekend represented at Oslo Motor Show in Lillestrøm in accociation with Steni, Stihl and Herbalife 24. This is Norway's largest exhibition for motor sports in Norway. Visit booth number: 03-22 for a nice boatchat and a look at the Offshore class 3 boat that we have borrow...
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  • Quite good weekend

    Aug 201409
    Quite good weekend It was a hard day for me. A boat i never driven before and quite windy conditions. I wish we had some more test time in front off the weekend because i got faster and faster. With some minor problems this morning we did our best in every heat so all in all we should be quite happy!
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  • Comeback in Formula 2 Pål Virik Nilsen makes a small comeback in Formula 2 circuit racing this weekend. He will race in the Norwegian Championship in Tønsberg harbor on friday and saturday. In the eleventh hour, it became clear that Pal makes his return to circuit racing in a Formula 2 boat. He will borrow a Danish...
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  • Okay raceweek

    Jun 201422
    Okay raceweek All in all a nice week with this new team in XCAT Powerboat World Series. 9th place in the race could have been better but we got many laps around and for sure learned much together. I am sure we will kick back harder in Portugal GP with some upgrades 2the boat and more seat time. Thanks s lot to...
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