Oct 201828
    News From XCAT World Championship organizers: The UIM XCAT World Championship will move to the UAE for the grand finale After the cancellation of the Xiamen stage, the XCATs are moving to UAE for the last two races of the season. The Championship is open and will see a close battle. The UIM XCAT World...
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  • Troubble in last race Some engine trouble today. The boat stopped completely two times. Ended 8th. Now we must work to get back into shape before the last races of the season in the Emirates! We never give up..... 
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  • P3 in todays race P3 in todays race! Quite happy with that. Consider all problems we had during the qualification. A big spinnout did force us to go in the crane and check the boat & engines. When it was only 15 min left of the one hour qualification session we managed some laps, and could save the third best time...
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  • New possibilities

    Oct 201818
    New possibilities This weeks race site & city. We hope for some good results here in  Hangzhou !
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  • 4th place 4th place is not what we aim for. Again something happening in the start with the power of our engines. Almost last on the first start straight! Then i manage to gain some lost ground again and we where third into the first bend. The mechanics have some ideas what it can be so next week will be...
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  • Win in Shanghai!

    Oct 201824
    Win in Shanghai We won the first race in Shanghai! Very happy and i want to thank our hard working crew for this victory. Now lets focus on the remaining races here in China.
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  • Shanghai next!

    Sep 201811
    Shanghai next Next race is Shanghai, China 12 - 14 october. It will be exiting to visit this mega city and hopefully gain some positions in the championship. Our season 2018 has so far been quite hard with many challenges. Its time for a change. We are optimistic and will bring some updates on our boat setup....
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