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  • XCAT Pål Virik Nilsen & Jan Trygve Braaten in Team Australia, Fujairah

  • Blue Roo Powerboat. XCAT facts!

  • XCAT. Team Australia Powerboat. 1 lap around Zhengzhou course.

  • Powerboat driver fitness. Pål Virik Nilsen´s special way to do it!

  • XCAT racing action - PAL VIRIK NILSEN & MARCO FABRIZI #46

  • XCAT aboard Dubai Duty Free #30. Pål Virik Nilsen & Tom Barry-Cotter

  • NMF´s (Team Norway Motorsport) samling 2013!

  • Brindisi Formula 2 course. With Pål Virik Nilsen.

  • Aim Challenge Sälen 2013. Pål Virik Nilsen & Preben Christensen (Team Clown)

  • See the propeller´s hard life! Pål Virik Nilsen´s formula boat.

  • Azerbaijan, Baku, Formula 2. One lap with Pål Virik Nilsen

  • Pål Virik Nilsen with a very good start in Formula 2 Stockholm GP 2013!

  • One lap in Formula 1 with Pal Virik Nilsen. Brazil 2013.

  • National TV interview with Pål Virik Nilsen May 2013

  • Pal Virik Nilsen wins the Formula 2 world championship race in Italy 2012

  • Powerboat F2 racing ONBOARD CAM. Pal Virik Nilsen.

  • Action Onboard camera Italian Class 1 GP 2009. Pal Virik Nilsen.

  • Pal Virik Nilsen onboardcamera, Italian Class-1 GP

  • Pal Virik Nilsen highlights Romania GP 2009

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  • Stresa next!

    Stresa Next
    07.Jun 2018
    Its great to get back to Stresa racing. Its my third time there competing.  I raced both Class-1 and XCAT there before. I love the circuit and the city. But most of all the special passion among the Italian fans and spectators! 
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  • Nice bike session today

    Bike session
    07.Jun 2018
    On top of Norway`s oldest cities Tønsberg.
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  • Course day

    Course day
    03.Jun 2018
    Today i am out with some people doing boat drive training with my Goldfish 28 with 2X400 Mercury engines. 
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  • Just before the start

    Going on
    06.Apr 2018
    You can feel the tense & adrenaline just before the start...
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  • Ready for Fujairah!

    Fujairah Race 1 2018
    05.Apr 2018
    Feels great to start another season. My 25th season in a row!
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