• 4th in race 1 Quite unhappy with todays fourth place. Mainly because we had the lead but one engine alarm made us back of to "restart" (under 3000 rpm) and then join the race in 11th place. Some hard fights with many boats got us into 4th place in the end. Not the result we wanted but in the end with did our...
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  • 2nd in Pole position We are very happy with 2nd place in todays pole position. After all problems yesterday this was almost maximum what we could do. Now its racetime tomorrow! Lets get a good result :-) 
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  • Good start We started the Stresa race week in the worst possibble way. Many problems with both engines force us to be om land in the first official practice. Anyway, the problems is sorted and we are more than ready for practice 2 and pole position.
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  • Boat coaching

    May 201801
    Course One of the things i like is to share my knowledge and expirience with other boaters. Learn them for example how a powertrim works, how to drive safe, comfortable and fast at the same time. How to go fast and safe in the waves. Get people to be more safe and let them know some scenarioes that can...
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  • Second place From last position on the grid we ended up here! Its just an amazing efford from our team to manage this 2nd. place in Fujairah. We are proud that we kicked back after the maiden crash yesterday. We can not wait for the next round.
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  • Crash in race 1

    Apr 201812
    Crash in race 1 Bad raceday for us. Another boat unfortunately ran into us and we crashed bigtime in a high speed «push by another boat» spinnout. Both gearcases with propellers fell completely of the boat. So close that we went up side down. I hope Ross recover fast from hospital. Our guys working all night so ...
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  • Second in pole We got a promising second place in Pole Position here in Fujairah. Its a close championship with many boats inside the same second up front. Lets hope for a clean and good race tomorrow. The team works very well and i am impressed by their job on the boat after our bif crash last year in Dubai. I...
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