Pal joins UIM Athletes Committee

Oct 201414
Pal joins UIM Athletes Committee

Xcat powerboat racing driver Pal Virik Nilsen joins UIM Athletes Committee. The first meeting will take place at Ibiza 24-25 october. Six drivers from each gategory of the sport joins the voted group, Offshore, Circuit and Aquabike. The main work for the commitee is to give advice to the Council, to the Commissions and Committees in questions of its function.

To study all existing UIM rules and all new rule proposals with regard to its function. To identify problems in the area of its function and to propose rule proposals, modifications of new rule proposals and other solutions
to the relevant body of the UIM.

UIM appointed Committee members will have the opportunity to attend the first meeting which will be held
in Ibiza in October 2014. A great opportunity for all of them to exchange knowledge and experiences.


Pal says: I am grateful that I was elected to this committee. This is a committee which I believe has been a deprivation in the international federation (UIM). UIM has many good people in positions of trust but virtually no active athletes currently has a direct impact on the system. Therefore, I think if the committee gets the job done the future looks much better in this context.



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