• Fun time in Stresa

    Sep 201304
    Fun time in Stresa The Xcat debut ended with a flat battery on lap 9 for Pål Virik Nilsen and Tom Barry-Cotter. They had 8th place when the "Dubai Duty Free" boat stopped. Now its time for Arona race and new chances to do better. It was a great event i Stresa and the guys learned a lot! Bring on Arona!
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  • The stresa course Here you can see the course for the Italian, Stresa UIM XCAT SKYDIVE DUBAI WORLD SERIES race next week.
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  • Ready for Xcat

    Aug 201323
    Ready for Xcat Next weekend the UIM XCAT SKYDIVE DUBAI WORLD SERIES  joins Europe for the first time. Pål Virik Nilsen will team up with long time racing partner Tom BArry-Cotter from Australia. They will run in the newly established "Dubai Duty Free" team. Pål is very exited before the next weeks challenge and...
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  • Pal goes Offshore Pål Virik Nilsen returns to Offshore racing when he and Australian driver Tom Barry-Cotter joins the newly established ”Dubai Duty Free” team in the prestigious X-cat series. The duo will have their X-cat debut already in Italian GP in Stresa 29th august - 1th september.
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  • Crash in Brindisi race Round two of the World F2 Championship ended already on the first lap. A competitor ran into Pal in second corner. The steering was broken so it was no no option ton countinue unfortunately. Another race without point is not what Pal and his team needs. Pal says: Its very frustrating for sure. I...
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  • Not the best It was a strange race for Pal Virik Nilsen in Baku. First pracitice went normal but after that everything got poorer every lap. Some issues with the ECU on the engine made the engine low on power  and on lap 11 Pal retired from the race.
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  • Azerbaijan Baku hosts the second race F2 World Championship 2013. The 2 miles field is designed just in front of the Baku Boulevard facing the Caspian Sea. The bent seaboard line is ideal for powerboating races allowing a complete view of the field: a real “Powerboating Stadium”. The F2 racing boats will be...
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