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  • Good test week

    Jun 201522
    Good test week Pal Virik Nilsen had a good Formula 2  testweek. First test was purely a start and propeller test all day. The second one was mainly driving practice to understand the new boat more. Pal says: All in all i am very optimistic. Everything, i mean the team, boat and me worked good together. I feel w...
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  • Timing for champions Edox PRESS RELEASE 12 may 2015: Blasting across the water at close to 200km/h requires a special type of sportsperson - and a special type of watch. And in the high-octane world of offshore powerboat racing only the most precise, tough and dependable of both sportsperson and timepiece can triumph...
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  • Pål Virik Nilsen gjester Lindmo på NRK Powerboat racer Pal Virik Nilsen is one of the guest in talk show " Lindmo" on NRK 1 on Saturday . This is Norways most popular and biggest talkshow. Pa l has a unique story about his sporting career in a world where oil sheiks , money and glamor are part of the facade . But inwardly we see among...
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  • Helt Propell Author's Pål Virik Nilsen, one of the world's most experienced boat racers. The book is about speed driving on water in excess of 35 knots. - To run a fast boat is the funniest thing I know, and I have dreamed of bringing out a book on how to roam both safety and speed the water for several years...
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  • Broken It was a frustrating end to a hard race weekend for the Gold Coast -Altman Marine team. Just five hundered meters after the start one gearcase said ciao. Pal Virik Nilsen & Tom Barry-Cotter  had to retire because of that unfortunately. The race was on really rought water and half of the fleet had...
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  • 7th in pole

    Feb 201526
    7th in pole Not so happy with seventh place in pole position today. We had a fast fastest lap but four boats beat our time. Then we decided to change propeller. On the very last straight we lost power on one engine and had to go back to the pit on the other one. We did not manage to change the engine before...
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  • Nytt XCAT team

    Feb 201526
    New XCAT team Racerbåtfører Pål Virik Nilsen fra Sandefjord er klar for en full sesong i årets X Cat World Series. Han får tilbake sin gamle teamkamerat, Tom Barry-Cotter fra Australia, og skal kjøre for Team Gold Coast som er sponset av den australske feriebyen med samme navn. Sesongstart er allerede på freda...
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