Team meeting this weekend

Feb 201301
Team meeting this weekend

The Team Norway Powerboat (for juniors) thru the National federation NMF will this weekend get together  in Tvedestrand, just outside Arendal. Powerboat driver Pål Virik Nilsen will also this season be a part of the team as a coach. Pål says this is a very important work for the sport, and its a major brick to bring the sport to a more professional level in the near future.

The teamleaders (Jarle Hagane and Kristoffer Fjelde together with Pal) will have the saturday in Tvedestrand  with some of the athletes who have applied themselves to the team.

Certain criteria must be in place to join. 4-5 athletes are so lucky to be picked for the team. During the year there are several meetings with both theoretical, boat driving practice, fitness and other toppings of the motorsport they are doing.

Pål Virik Nilsen driving for Victory team Dubai 2011.


Pål says: I am really happy to join also this year and futher. I look forward to get more involved in the team and hopefully i have some nice things to add from my career as a professional athlete. Its always nice to give something back to the sport and mainly to young talents who are the future for us.



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