reflections on the Stockholm event

Jun 201218
reflections on the event

There was a dramatic race for Pal Virik Nilsen in Stockholm on Sunday night. Here are some of his own reactions to what happened. "I got a very bad start. Up to the first bend the two boats that were on either side of me cut my line bigtime. I had to ease off the gas and lost many places.

Before the first bend, i was probably back at 9 or 10 position. After the next straight i was on an approved 3rd place. But then the problems started for me . The power steering stopped to work and the boat was out of control and also scary at every turn. But i refused to give up. After about 20 laps i was quite tired in my arms. I came into the fastest corner on the course in good pace . Suddenly the boat hooked in and i rolled around. I really struggled to get the belt of and i swallowed lots of water. Even if it is 12th time i flip with a boat, this was maybe the worst of them. I finally got out of the boat but i was so tired that i could not swim. Helmet was full of water and very heavy. I struggled to breathe. Rescue boat never came. I waited for several minutes. Quite strange that this happens on a course  that is clear to all bends from a rescue boat. After about 2,5 - 3 minutes, a rescue boat arrives at slow speed.

Chris davies

Now in retrospect i feel this is creepy to think that we have so little safety at some races. If I had not got me out of the boat i had drowned. My airbag did not work due to internal error, it must be mentioned.

Anyway this is a safety dissaster but we will be back for the hunt of WC title in Grimstad, Norway. Just like image below :)

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