Mixed season

Oct 201203
Mixed season

Season 2012 has been a mixed one for powerboat racing driver Pal Virik Nilsen. A year followed by victory, accident and fire. Now that the season is probbably over he may sums this year as a transition year. Pal look towards the future rather than back in 2012.

Pal says: I am both disappointed and pleased with the season. Most disappointed to be honest.... I set myself some goals before the season and it did not go according to the plan. My Class-1 start with "FA.RO. ACCIAI"  in Qatar could not be worse as the boat burned when my first major fire in a boat was a fact.

Pål Virik Nilsen


I'm glad it went well with us. The boat could be repaired or replaced.


Pål Virik Nilsen


My World Championship F2 victory on Sardinia was naturally highlight this year. A victory that I had in mind before the race, but maybe not many others had. So it was nice to prove that I still cope circuit racing, although the last nine years has been devoted to offshore racing.


Pål Virik Nilsen

Pål Virik Nilsen


The major Crash in stockholm was a big letdown for me. I was lying in second place and should secure the valuable points. Instead, I got wet and lost the chance to win the overall World Cup that was my only goal this season.


Pål Virik Nilsen


Then it was WC round in Grimstad. A scandal race in many ways. My performance on the water was a letdown and my win ambitions were really put to the test. Anyway it was good to get the team back on track after Stockholm incident. Then it was decided to end the season earlier than planned. A boring decision but my chances of winning the World Series was gone and the team needed more test time and bigger budget to be competitive against the top teams in the world.


Pål Virik Nilsen


As I sum up the season I see that my eight-nine years in Class-1 has made ​​me a bit "spoiled". With a team behind me to have everything ready for each race. "All" controlled by proffesional crew in the team. Now we where a small group of dedicated persons, it was just to much work in periods. It did lowered my motivation. But now I see a positive future. Its probbably over for 2012 so I'm looking forward to next year and new challenges. I'll be back on top very soon :)


The team would like to thank the sponsors and partners (see them here....), crew and everybody that has been with us this year.


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