Difficult weekend

Aug 201212
Difficult weekend

It was a difficult weekend for Steni team. When the course was as short as it was the team had to test the boat with different propellers. They found no one who was capable of this, about 1000 meters course. That is why the team had to make the best out of the situation and run their own race with the main goal to collect as many World Cup points as possible.

The start went well and Pal had a nice run up to the first pin. After first lap he was up to fifth from his 9th place on the pontoon. Then Pal was chased hard from behind by several boats. Some he could fight back but a couple was just faster. He ended up in 6th place with five WC points in the bag.

Pal Virik Nilsen

Pal says: I just did not have the pace to follow the front runners. I felt the course was just about turning left all the time in 55 laps -witch is pretty ridiculous. Anyway i am happy to complete the race and the team is on the feet again. Thanks a lot to our sponsors and the crew that did a fantastic job in Grimstad. I want to congratulate Erik and his Getel team for winning the race and the WC championship! Well done! 

Pal Virik Nilsen


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