20 years with powerboats!

Oct 201210
20 years with powerboats

Its now approx 20 years since Pal Virik Nilsen drove his first powerboat race. It has been a long journey that covers many teams, boats, races and victories. Pals career so far is among the best in powerboat racing history.  

He is a very complete pilot driving both Offshore and circuit racing. Pal got his first racingboat 24 years ago but did not start competing the first four years, only practice in the fjords of Sandefjord. The first years of racing was very hard and no good results came. But Pal has always worked hard and focused on the right things. The fourth place in European Championship S-550 in 1995 and the bronze in 1996 was his major international breakthru. And the World title came in Formula 4 in Budapest 1998 with the Italian Cantando family and their team "Mare Magnum".

After ten years in circuit racing Pal switched to Offshore racing. This was a part of a long term plan to become Class-1 pilot. Pal had no money to invest in his own career so other actions needed to be done.

In 2005 his C1 debut with Giorgi Offshore came and it was Pals breakthru in the Class even when it ended up side down in the water. The year after he was offered a fulltime season with the same team. 2007 saw Pal teamed up with Australian Tom Barry-Cotter in Spirit Of Norway. This was the start of a really good relationship on and of the water. The duo now got many championships and victories together, and lets hope its more to come also in the future.

Some important people Pal would like to thank for his first 20 years in the sport. Without them it would never gone this far he says:


The family with Linn in front!

1992-1996    His father, Truls Lystad, Leif Strømøy, Kristoffer Gulbrandsen, Tore Magne Skaali.

1997-2002    Bjarne and Richard Horntvedt, Rolf Magne Sunde, Trond Bull Enger, Frode Sundsdal, Cantando family + Marina, Jan Dahlberg

2002-2004   Terje Brattestå, Måns Carlander, Gøran Sjøgren, Ulrik Hasle, Ole Magnus Andersen, Jørgen Aas

2005-2012    Bill, Tom & Lesley Barry Cotter, Bjørn Rune Gjelsten, Nicola & Gianni Giorgi, Giorgio Manuzzi,  Tom Rønning, Cato Holm, Anders Minken, Lars Inge Graver, Ole M Lundefaret, NMF


And offcourse all mechanics, crew, teamsponsors, fans, journalists thru the years +++





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