• New engines test in Qatar The test in this mornings practice where positive. The new mounted engine works fine. The crew did a great job last night. Our laptime was the same as yesterdays practice. So now it is time for the 2nd race of the season. We will do our best to fight and complete the race, and then get some point...
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  • 8th in Qatar GP 2006 The race started very poor with a terrible first straight. We got closed down by two other boats. Then it was only to reduce throttle and change lane. That costed us a lot of space to the pack.
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  • 8th in pole position We improve again and did our best lap here during the stay in Qatar so far. Therefor we are quite happy with our performance. Also when consider that we had a too big propeller choice today.
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  • Practice wednesday

    May 200603
    Practice wednesday We tested with the same setup as last week and we will go for that in the timetrials at three o`clock today. 
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  • Practice tuesday

    May 200602
    Practice tuesday The practice of today vent out with only some laps to test out the balance of the boat with some weight adjustments.
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  • The steering stopped us in the race In todays first UIM Class one world championship race we retired on lap 6 with a broken power steering. We where then on 6th place witch was very good for us. On lap 4 the problem started.
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  • First practice friday Todays practice was only one lap for us. We speed tested one propeller and find out that it was not so good for the conditions today.
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