My season is over

Oct 200524
My season is over

The season 2005 is over for me. I will not race with Nicola and Giorgi Offshore team in the Class one races in Qatar and Dubai. I was just in contact with Nicola, and we hope to make maybe a partnership in the future.

My girlfriend and i are expecting a baby in the nearest days. This is the main reasons for not driving anymore this year. It is not everyday that i will become a father. So the priority must come in first hand. There will come more races sooner in my life. I really hope the chance will come back to me with a seat in C1. We dont know if the baby is a boy or a girl so this is exiting! I am more nervous now for the birth then i have ever been before a poweboating race.

I wish Nicola, Gianni and the rest of team Giorgi all the best of luck in the last races for 2005! I also want to thank them once more for the opportunity that they gave me this year...... Gratzie!


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Como 3D race, ITALY 15-16 october

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