Last race canceled

Sep 200509
Last race canceled

The final race of the World class 3c champinship got canceled due to much wind and waves. This has not been a easy race for the organisers to arange. Everything who can go wrong, vent wrong.

Now we only got one race to count, and therefor we ended up on place 7th. A place we are quite happy with. We manage to climb one place up from last years 8th place in the worlds.

A big thanks to Torgeir, Tobias & Kristoffer for exelent work down here the whole week!

The class 3C season is now over for us. We got some interesting byers for our boat in Italy, so we will sell it pretty soon. If you are interested please take contact. What happens next we dont know yet.. If it will be more driving this year in another class, only time will show!





Next race

Como 3D race, ITALY 15-16 october

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