Close but no sigar

Sep 202203
Close but no sigar
My personal statement regarding the disqualification from our victory during this year's European Championship in Offshore 3D: Being a motorsport athlete is rarely easy on the track, regardless of discipline. But it is often more brutal outside the track. Because you are in other people's hands technically and you, as the driver, are responsible and at the same time very vulnerable around rule interpretations and mechanic work on boats and engines. Especially when engine parts are modified/adjusted/measured and approved by mechanics outside your own team.
Apparently it was very close, but it doesn't matter if you are 0.1 or 0.4mm away from what is legal on the papers. If you are over, then you are over. Unfortunately, we were this time. With a modified gearbox is delivered by a knowledgeable mechanic whom I know well and I thought should know better about these exact measurements. Simply surprising.
I feel most sorry for the team members who work so hard all week to give us the opportunity and basis to win. And not least the team's sponsor, who also spends a lot of time and resources on this. They were also present in Italy to cheer us on.
I'm not embarrassed. But I am very disappointed to find myself in such a situation for the first time in my career. After over 30 years in the sport with so far 319 boat races under my belt, it was going to happen to me too. I didn't think so but was aware of the risk. It feels like an unwanted nightmare, but unfortunately part of the sport statistically.
Having said that, this provides incredible motivation to come back even stronger. Maybe this was something I actually needed to become more hungry, motivated, sharpened, careful in many ways…. And not least grateful for having the chance to travel to all parts of the world, to do what I love most year after year. To compete in Offshore Powerboat Racing.
♥️ Many thanks to "Team Energima" especially my mate in the boat Erik. Also all the good people who work so hard in the team. And not least the team's sponsor.
We meet very soon again and we will also deliver in the future. Prepare a new trophy for us Mr. Tomba 🤪


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