Adjustments on bike, skiboots and myself

Nov 202112
Bike fit

Today I was at "Sykkeltilpasning Drøbak" (Bike adjustment center). There they made new soles for my ski boots. This is to make the long competitions of 4 to 10 miles a little more comfortable for the winter (if it is actually possible to make them comfortable :-)

They are also specialize in bicycle adjustment so that you cycle more correctly and gently for the body. Found some adjustments on both the bike and myself to make things a little smoother in the future.
Very interesting and educational.

Many thanks to Petter for a nice follow-up!

Sykkeltilpasning Drøbak


 Sykkeltilpasning Drøbak

Virik Nilsen

Virik Nilsen


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