• China next

    Oct 201701
    China next Finally we are heading for season 2017. A series of six races will follow the next three weeks in China. Then the XCAT fleet will countinue with two rounds in Dubai in December. Cant waith to start the season!
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  • Whats up 2017?

    Mar 201703
    2017 what happens 2017 is here and what is the plan? We wish we could answer that 100%. The XCAT series is on hold and every team is waithing for some news regarding the new series organizers and their plans. Before that we dont have any races or dates to share with you. Team Australia are considering shipping the...
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  • Winter Its wintertime in Europe. But that dont mean relaxing days. Even for a Powerboat driver. Pal Virik Nilsen enjoys a major cross country  
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  • National team 2017!

    Feb 201722
    National team Pal Virik Nilsen is the only Offshore pilot that joins the National Motorsport team for 2017. This will give him important help to exercise better, eat more clever and to cope with mental strenght  during races. The National team is only the top athletes from different categories in motorsport. T...
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  • Boat speedcourse

    Feb 201701
    Hastighetskurs Now we have started to learn boat drivers/owners in Norway how to handle and drive faster boats. This course is for all kind of boat users. Main focus is safety and boat handling, but the course also learn about other stuff like setup, hull and propeller. Half day inside with theory and half day ...
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