• Great test time

    Sep 201615
    Tvedestrand A BIG thanks to Team Australia Powerboat Racing for a fantastic week with lot of testing and a great quality time together in Norway! As a team this was very valuable in many ways. Now we are stronger than ever before the last leg of the Xcat series championship in Abu Dhabi! Look forward to it!...
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  • Tønsberg Not the end to the weekend i wanted. I crashed early in the qualification so thats it for now. Another crash because of a bad competitor. Formula 2 is going a wrong way when it comes to drivers behavior and skills. People dont care about each others. It bad. After a medical check in hostpital i a...
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  • F2 Tvedestrand

    Jul 201608
    F2 Tvedestrand A hard race weekend for us. Nothing seems to work this season in F2 for us. The boat is good and everything should be perfect. In the race i had to retire after nine laps with a broken engine. Thats a part of racing so only thing is to focus on the next race in Tønsberg in 14 days! We will come...
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  • 4th place After a very hard racing weekend in Finland we are very happy with 4th place. We arrived Finland with minor testing. Due to much traveling with XCAT we just had no time to prepare maximum. Therefor we decided to take round 1 as a test and practice. So 4th is absolutely more than we could asked fo...
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  • Shakedown F2

    Jun 201606
    Testing F2 Today we finally got some time on the water with the F2. Just break in the engine. Wish i could test some propellers but we have no time before leaving for first WC round in Finland this weekend.
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  • Lugano, Swiss GP

    Jun 201604
    Lugano race Quite happy with P4 in todays Lugano, Swiss XCAT Grand Prix. We aimed for the podium and had the 3rd place for a long time. I am happy how team progress positive and i just love the guys and girl working in our team. Big big thanks to them all! Our first podium is so close... I know we are better...
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  • Speedcat run Dubai

    Apr 201628
    Speed Cat RUN Quite happy with 4th place in todays "Dubai Duty Free" Speed Cat Run. We are getting closer and closer back to the peak shape we had in Fujairah. Bring on Switzerland!
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