Long mid season break

Apr 201428
Long mid season break

Powerboating sometimes is a full year sport. The series is from january to december but its some months off due to logistics and other issues. So when you are a driver what do you do?

I personally did many different series last year to get a full flow in the season (F1, F2, C1 and XCAT), but mostly to avoid big breaks in the middle of the season. In one way it was positive because i got many races, but it was more quantity rather than quality. And its not often that kind of work brings success. Now i focus on XCAT fulltime (but so far without reaching my main goals)....

Skydive Dubai XCAT world series has now a big break. So only thing to do is to perpare and train both mentally and physically as good as i can. Cycling, running, row machine and gym is the main activities i do now. Every minute i do exercise i think about PowerBoat racing. Thats my motivation, and all miles on the bike or my running shoes is just because being a fit and prepared powerboat athelete.

So, while we waithing for the next XCAT race in Italy i take my roadbike for a spin in the sun :-)

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Como 3D race, ITALY 15-16 october

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