• improvements during the day Pal Virik Nilsen and Massimo Roggiero was out on the water for the first time today. A relatively easy start to the day's first practice because of some problems with visibility out of the boat. But when the problem was fixed to the pole position, the times improved significantly. It takes quite ...
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  • Pal voted At tonights drivers meeting in Doha, Pal was once again elected as the drivers representative. A clear majority voted the Norwegian pilot as their man also in the 2012 Class-1 World Championship season.   posted by wwwebteam
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  • Timetable Here you can see the race map and timetable for the 2012 Qatar "The Pearl" Grand Prix!
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  • The pearl GP Qatar is simply the perfect gateway to the Arabian Gulf and has grown to become a major destination of discovery for visitors from all over the world.
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  • Pal Change Team We can today confirm that Pal Virik Nilsen and ex F1H2O star driver Massimo Roggiero from Italy  is ready for  Class-1 "PEARL QATAR GRAND PRIX" 14  - 17 march together. They will join the Italian D'ALESSIO-SCAM team.
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  • NMF lanserer Team Norway Powerboat Pål Virik Nilsen skal være en brikke i en ny satsing fra Norges Motorsport forbund. NMF lanserer nå Team Norway Powerboat med Kristoffer Fjelde i spissen som leder. I første omgang for rundbane. Pål Skal bidra med sin kompetanse rundt satsing fra ung alder, trening, kosthold,  sponsorarbeide,...
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  • Larvik is canceled

    Mar 201201
    Larvik Canceled Its a sad news but today the organizers announced the cancellation of the big Class-1 race in Larvik, Norway. Class-1 pilot Pal Virik Nilsen says he is suprised about the decition and he is of course very disappointed that he will not be able to compete on home waters.
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