Rough race gave Victory in Williamstown!

Dec 201104
Victory in Williamstown

Pål Virik Nilsen and Tom Barry-Cotter did a great job in todays race just outside Melbourne. A very rough course with messy big waves and very strong wind. Pal and Tom in "Mustang Aus1" took the start and left the competitors behind.

The one hour race saw some real Offshore action when boats jumped around like MX bikes. The Mustang Camp really deserved this win in the last race of the 2011 season. A season with much troubble, crash and bad luck has destroyed their chances for the title win.

Pal says: I am really happy we got this win and could complete the race without any issues. For sure we had our moments with some big jumps but i felt from the start that this was our race. This gives me also the confidence i need before the upcoming job for Victory team later this week in Dubai. Its just so nice to win rough races when its all about finding the right setup and the rest is 100% up to the pilots..... Saying that i must mention that Tom did a fantastic job and we worked well in the cockpit. Congratulations to Luke & Rossco in Maritimo 15 for their Aus1 title!

Mustang boats, Pal Virik Nilsen

Mustang crossed the finishline in front of Maritimo and Mainlube express in Class-1.



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