• Very bad Todays practice was terrible for Pål Virik Nilsen, Giorgio Manuzzi and the Parsonage team. The team did not even get one lap around the course. Engine problem forced them to go back to the pit twice after just 500-600 meters.
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  • NGP this week!

    Jul 201111
    Arendal Pål Virik Nilsen is back in the World Class-1 Championship this week in Norwegian Grand Prix, Arendal. Together with San Marino driver Giorgio Manuzzi and English Chris Parsonage racing team. Påls ambitions is not the biggest but he hope for a pretty good result with the equipment they have.
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  • Larvik new host The city of Larvik will host the Norwegian Grand Prix 2012 and futher two years after that. That means its the last time Class-1 visit Arendal. At least for some years. Larvik is a city on the Norwegian south coast just in between of Oslo and Arendal.
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  • Winners Today is the day for picking the winners of our "competition" with nice prices. Main prize was two VIP GOLD tickets for the 2011 Norwegian Grand Prix in Arendal. Other winners got PVN Oakley caps.
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  • Back in the After two racewins this weekend in Townsville Australia, Pal Virik Nilsen and Tom Barry-Cotter are back in the hunt for the Australian title. They are now currently on 3rd place overal when half season is completed.....
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  • Bad day in Mackay

    Jun 201126
    Bad day in Mackay No luck for the Mustang boys in the Offshore Grand Prix in Mackay, Australia. Rough seas and much wind did it difficult for all the boats today. The Mustang/Maritimo boat of Pal Virik Nilsen and Tom Barry-Cotter had lots of technical trouble, but thats the game of racing sometimes.
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  • round2 Round 2 and 3 of the Australian Offshore Superboat Championships will take place in the tropical waters of North Queensland over back to back weekend events in Mackay and Townsville on the 25th and 26th June and the 2nd and 3rd July respectively.
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