Total disaster today

Oct 200904
Total disaster today

Italian GP race 2 was a really disaster in many ways. In the start Maritimo 11 with Tom and Pal got a okay start but was behind Victory 1 and Victory 77. The famous blue sandwitch did as usual in the start unfair stunts. Both Victory boats closed the door for Maritimo. Tom and Pal had to slow down because of a possible flip. They where forced to change lane to the inside to avoid a bid accident.

Pål Virik Nilsen

Pal says - After all the issues yesterday me and Tom had really a lack of motivation. We felt like winners in race 1 but was punished in a wrong way in our and almost everybodys eyes but not WPPA (the federation for Class-1). We tried to stay focused on race 2 but it was for sure a challenge.

I am also very upset on some of our rivals in the race. They pay no respect to other competiotors and they are for sure are on a mission out there. We got really a nasty situation when to boats closed the door in the start. Several other incidents during the race make me feel bad about the situation our sport (Class) is in for the moment. I hope now things get sorted and that we can play a fair game on and of the track in the future. On lap ten our day was for sure over when an engine stopped and made a lot of smoke from the boat.

Pål Virik Nilsen


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