Crash in the race

Dec 200813
Crash in the race

A very dissapointed end to our Dubai journey. On lap 12 we spun out bigtime and almost rolled over in a high speed turn. At approx 120 mph the boat lifted up in front, then landed on one side and a very fast 180 degree spin out.

When the boat took the spin my head got into the wall of the cockpit with big force. I was unconscious for one minute before rescue came. Tom was okay but has a painful neck. After a check at the hospital i was okay with just a very bad headache. I am glad the boat ended the right side up. She got some damages on each side plus a hatch fell of.

Many thanks to the crew for great work during the stay in Dubai. We have done a lot of valuable testing theese days!. Now we have a break before next years race....


Next race

Como 3D race, ITALY 15-16 october

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