• Edox Pole position in Egypt We ended at eight place in todays EDOX pole position. It was really a challenge to throttle today. The boat was all over the place. Huge waves and strong wind made it hard for all the boats.
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  • Testing canceled in Egypt Todays testing got canceled during bad weather on the course. We vent out with the support boat and realized the bad conditions with very big waves and vind.
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  • Bad race in Romania GP What a messy race today! This one does not goes into the historybooks as a fear one. The start got totally destroyed by VICTORY 7 who jumpstarted bigtime again. In our case it made us big troubble because we did not see the startboat and the rest of the field.
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  • Bad poleposition in Romania Eight best time on todays pole position in Romanian Grand Prix. We are quite happy with our run witch was on our limit at the moment.
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  • First Class-1 win

    Sep 200701
    First Class-1 win Our first Class one win together! Today was a very fine day for us on the water. We won the "LAMONT" Townsville Grand prix. The start was no good with only 4th place around the first turn. When the field went offshore we managed to gain places and we where in the lead on turn three. After that we...
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  • Training not so good in Egypt We tested the boat on the course today. Very soon we felt that the propeller choice was a bit big. It was more waves than we expected.
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  • Testing the Egypt course Today Tom and i went out to look at the course with the spirit rib. It will be very interesting to drive it with the raceboat tomorrow. The waves is quite big. It was also windy today.
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