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Neat Symmetry presents everyone in the meeting room equally up close, whether they’re sitting, standing or moving around. Focusing on whoever’s talking and the expressions of others, Neat Symmetry enables remote participants to engage in more natural, free-flowing conversation.




Sitting for too long isn’t good for our health. Even for short periods, reduced blood flow to the brain can affect our ability to think, concentrate and learn. Neat devices empower you to stand up, stretch or walk around for better wellbeing, knowing you’re always perfectly seen and heard.


Neat System

Neat Boundary removes the worry of being distracted by other activities happening around you. By setting a virtual width and depth to define your meeting space, the camera will avoid detecting, auto framing and following people that aren’t part of your meeting.

Neat Audio Processing allows everyone in your meeting to enjoy clear dialogue. So, if two people simultaneously speak, neither one of their voices will sound muffled, meaning anyone can pitch in a comment during lively debates without their voice being clipped or muted.


Neat System

Neat Audio Processing also suppresses any unwanted noise outside your camera view. That way, you can enjoy distraction-free meetings in open-plan offices or at home. Essentially, what you see is what you hear!


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