Trim problems in race 2

Dec 201110
Trim problems in race 2

Victory 7 with Nilsen and Manuzzi struggeled thru the second race this weekend. A trim problem gave them a bad handling boat and it was all about getting it around and complete the race in 5th place.

Pål says: We thought our pace was good before the start because we took of four seconds on our laps in practice comparing to yesterday. I felt something with the trim already on todays practice. The team tried to find the problem and we was not sure before the start if they did. After just some minutes into the race i felt the problem again. One trim was stuck almost all the time. Its like driving a car in one gear.

The week has been very fun and i really enjoyed working with Victory team and Giorgio. A big thanks to you all. I am really happy for yesterdays podium and we must remember that as one of the best memories from this season. Congratulations to Victory team for their 2011 World Champinship win.

Now Pal heads home for a winter brake and some time in Norway.



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