New team in 2008

Jan 200821
New team in 2008


Gladly we can confirm that i will have a new team for this season. I will race with in the Australian Class-1 Maritimo team. I am so happy that all came together and its a very good solution for me.

Tom and i will still be together in the boat and to couninue our work and experience is very nice for both of us. Season starts already in february in the Offshore Superboat series in Australia. The team leads Class-1 after two wins last year (season is counting 2007/2008).

Pål Virik Nilsen

9th & 10th Feb 2008 Victoria, Melbourne, Hobson’s Bay Offshore

16th & 17th Feb 2008 Victoria, Melbourne, Williamstown Offshore Powerboat Classic

8TH & 9TH March 2008 New South Wales, Sydney, Sydney Harbour Offshore Powerboat Race

Date to be confirmed, March or May 2008 Port Stephens

What will happen for us in world series in 2008 is not yet decided. Now our focus is on the Offshore Superboat series, so time will show the rest. But we can for sure promise some interesting projects going on in the team for the near future....

Pål Virik Nilsen


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