Bad race in Romania GP

Sep 200702
Bad race in Romania GP

What a messy race today! This one does not goes into the historybooks as a fear one. The start got totally destroyed by VICTORY 7 who jumpstarted bigtime again. In our case it made us big troubble because we did not see the startboat and the rest of the field.

Therefor we sadly also jumpstartet together with 7 and Negotiator 50. When we reached the first bend a lot of boats headed to the wrong turning pin (including us..). A big mess when everybody realised the wrong direction. It was boats everywhere. We was lucky to get out of that corner without hitting someone.

Our team mates Bjørn & Steve got even more troubble in the start that spoiled their race totally. From Pole position they had to back off because of VICTORY 77 suddenly cross their line. After almost flipping their boat in 77`s roostertale Bjørn & Steve where behind everybody. After hard work and driving on the edge with scary moments they picked places and ended 4th. After the race it was many protests. We dont know the outcome yet.

Tom and i drove our best and ended the race with engine failure on the last lap. We got 7th place because 70% of the race was done. Our setup was a bit wrong for the race, with lack of top speed. We are still in 7th place in the WC.

Big thanks to our crew for the job during the weekend.


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