A season to remember!

Dec 200711
A season to remember!

Season 2007 is over and the memories of it is huge. It has been a season with ups and downs.

When i think of it now it has been fantastic. A dream came thru when i got the change to race in Spirit of Norway this year. And i feel me and Tom drove better and better thru the season. When we met up in Greece i had never tried the throttleman job before. And we got almost throwed into the boat together and race with no time testing. Tom is a talent and we found the mood in the boat and on land straight away!

It is so many people to thank this year:
First of all i must thank Bjørn Rune  Gjelsten who gave me this seat and belived in me. I am very gratefull and proud to have him as a mentor and he has for sure learned me a lot!

Bill Barry-Cotter

Also big thanks to the Barry - Cotter family with Tom in front who is a great driver. A really hope we can countinue our driving together and even be better than today. Thanks Bill and Lesley who invited me to race with the Maritimo team for one race in Australia. A trip we will never forget.

Ann Marie Cook

Our # 20 team with team manager and always smiling Ann- Marie Cook, crew chief Peter "Muddy" McGrath, mechanics Torgeir Jakobsen, Tom Risøy, Alaisdair, Stefano, David and Tor Ivar. You all have done a very good job during the season.

Pål Virik Nilsen

The Crew of number 10. Gro, Steve, Rolf, Arne, Paal and Roffen who has helped us when we needed it!

My personal Coach Cato Holm who has been a good support many times!

Pål Virik Nilsen

And in the end i will of course thank my family with girlfriend Linn and our three kids Norah Indiane, Matteo and Hannah who always support me and axepting all my days away from home!



Pål Virik Nilsen

Pål Virik Nilsen

Pål Virik Nilsen


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