A nice race got bad for us

Oct 200727
A nice race got bad for us

Pål Virik Nilsen

I am very very dissapointed and sad about this retirement. We had an okay start and passed Negotiator 50 after a nice fight. On 5th place we where hunting JOTUN. We managed to gain seconds on every lap on them and Victory 77.

On the elleventh lap i felt loss of power on the engines. We where very unlucky because the reason was a piece of wood in the water hitting the water intake and the cooling got bad. I stopped the boat to save the engine.

Anyway, i am very pleased with Tom´s work and i felt we got faster and faster out there in the big waves. This was real Offshore conditions for sure! A great fun untill we broke down.. Congratulations to Bjørn and Steve for their great win! Qatar 96 came second and Victory 77 third.

We will try even harder next race in Qatar! Thanks to the team for this week


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Como 3D race, ITALY 15-16 october

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