• Pole position in Arendal The Todays pole position was very positive for the team. First of all with Bjorn and Steve winning in great style. We are happy with our laps and we had a positive curve in the boat.
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  • Practice Arendal

    Jul 200720
    Practice Arendal The practice was as planned short just to test everything. The feeling is good and we look forward to practice and timetrials tomorrow, saturday. the parade in town was great with many, many spectators!
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  • Raceday Greece GP

    Jun 200710
    Raceday Greece GP On the race today we got out as we planed. After some laps we where on 6th place. On lap seven in a turn we started to feel very strong vibrations in the boat. I stopped the engines and our race was over.......
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  • Practice Greece GP

    Jun 200709
    Practice Greece GP Today we improve a lot and got much out of the practice/timetrial witch gave us the 9th place in the start tomorrow. We have a good feeling and more confident after every lap. So long a very positive curve in our plan.
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  • First practice done with Spirit First practice done. We are satisfied with our first laps. But it is some minor adjustments to be done. I feel me and Tom get well together already. Now its just important that we learn and not get to much exited to do well already. It was really fun to throttle the boat today.
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  • Ready for season 2007! The time for equipment to leave for Greece is getting closer. Much work from the mecanics have been put down the last weeks.
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  • My new team mate!

    May 200720
    My new team mate! My new team mate is Tom Barry-Cotter from Australia. He will take the steering wheel and the navigation. My job is to throttle and balance the boat. Tom has expirience from Class-1 racing in Australia in team "Maritimo" witch his father Bill Barry- Cotter runs. Bill is a long time racer in class-...
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